Don't Talk - Just Listen

Esecutore: Clerks Group, Edward Wickham, direttore

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Autore: The Clerks

Barcode: 0635212017425

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Robert Saxton (1953)
Five Motets
- Dixit autem Dominus ad Abram
- Distant, a family travels
- Down the ages a song has echoed
- Returning, wander weary
- Igitur egressus Jacob
Andrew Pitts (1969)
Thou wast present as on this day
Gabriel Jackson (1962)
The armed man
Te Deum
Christopher Fox (1955)
A Spousal verse
20 Ways to improve your life
- Dont talk, just listen
- I am an expert in relationship
- Massage, medication
- Lauch you career
- Look good, feel great
- I am fast
- Reliable, efficient
- Rise to the challenge
- Give your sperm of life
- I am a specialist in weight loss
- Out on the open road
- Dont run low
- Be an egg donor
- Please to not betray
- Royal from day one
- I am woman
- Vocal ensemble for hire
- Proactive, professional
- Mature composer seeks work
- Guarantee
The man who spills his soup (arrangiamento di Ian McMillan)
After the Mass (arrangiamento di Ian Duhig)
Walter Frye (?-1475)
So ys emprinted (arrangiamento di Edward Wickham)

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