Aa.vv.: Tesori Delle Operette

Esecutore: The Chandos Concert Orchestra, B. Knight

Autore: Aa.vv.

Numero dischi: 2

Barcode: 0095115668924

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AA.VV.: Tesori delle operette



Carl Michael Ziehrer (1843-1922)
1 \'Do re me fa sol la si\' (The Scale Song) from Der Schätzmeister 4:18
arr. Franz Bauer

Johann Strauss II (1825-1899)
2 \'O Queen of my delight\' from Casanova 3:53
arr. R. Benatzky

Emmerich Kalman (1882-1953)
3 \'Let me dance and let me sing\' from Die Csárdásfürstin 3:38
arr. L. Wurmser

Oscar Strauss (1870-1954)
4 \'My Hero\' from The Chocolate Soldier 4:43

Richard Tauber (1891-1948)
5 \'My Heart and I\' from Old Chelsea 3:38

Andre Messager (1853-1929)
6 \'Trot here and there\' from Véronique 2:31

Victor Herbert (1859-1924)
7 \'Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!\' from Naughty Marietta 3:16

Franz Lehar (1870-1948)
8 \'Love unspoken\' from The Merry Widow 3:28

Carl Zeller (1842-1898)
9 \'Don\'t be cross\' from Der Obersteiger 4:22

Lionel Monckton (1861-1924) &
Howard Talbot (1865-1928)
10 \'Charming Weather\' from The Arcadian 2:05

Franz Lehar
11 \'I\'m off to Chez Maxim\' from The Merry Widow 2:38

Franz Lehar
12 \'On my lips every kiss is like wine\' from Giudetta 5:41

Carl Heinrich Jacobi (1883-1921)
13 \'The Colonel of the Crimson Hussars\' from Sybil 5:58

George Posford (1906-1976)
14 \'At the Balalaika\' from Balalaika 2:55
adapt. H. Stothart, arr. A. Blake

Lionel Monckton
15 \'A Bad Boy and a Good Girl\' from The Quaker Girl 3:22

Carl Millocker (1842-1899)
16 \'The Doleful Prima Donna\' from Der arme Jonathan 3:57

Carl Michael Ziehrer
17 \'O let me hold your tiny little hand\' from Der Schätzmeister 3:48

Edward German (1862-1936)
18 \'The Yeomen of England\' from Merrie England 3:49

Carl Michael Ziehrer
19 \'Military Life!\' from Der Fremdenführer 2:41


Franz Lehar
1 \'Vilia\' from The Merry Widow 5:47

Robert Stolz (1880-1975)
2 \'My Song of Love\' from White Horse Inn 3:10
arr. C. Michalski

Franz Lehar
3 \'Girls were made to love and kiss\' from Paganini 3:20
arr. P. Knight/I. Gourlay

Andre Messager
4 \'Lightly, lightly, from Monsieur Beaucaire 3:10

Johann Strauss II
5 The Nuns\' Chorus and Laura\'s Song from Casanova 4:18
arr. R. Benatzky

Carl Michael Ziehrer
6 \'Thin, thin is my dear Gwendolin\' from Die drei Wünsche 3:43

Andre Messager
7 \'Philomel\' from Monsieur Beaucaire 4:13

Oscar Strauss
8 \'Waltz of my dreams\' from A Waltz Dream 4:22

Richard Tauber
9 \'You are the world to me\' from Der singende Traum 4:15

Franz Lehar
10 \'Dance while you may\' from The Land of Smiles 3:24

Harold Fraser-Simson (1872-1944)
11 \'A Paradise for two\' from The Maid of the Mountains 3:44

Victor Herbert
12 \'Romany Life\' from The Fortune Teller 3:44

Edmund Eysler (1874-1949)
13 \'It\'s not a sin to kiss\' from Bruder Straubinger 3:43

Leslie Stuart (1864-1928)
14 \'Tell me, pretty maiden\' from Floradora 3:47

Franz Lehar
15 \'Why did you kiss my heart awake\' from Friederike 3:38

Sidney Jones (1861-1946)
16 \'Star of my soul\' from The Geisha 4:05

Louis Ganne (1862-1923)
17 \'It is love\' from Les saltimbanques 4:43

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