R.L. BURNSIDE: First Recordings

Esecutore: R.L. Burnside

Autore: R.l. Burnside

Numero dischi: 1

Barcode: 0821797202664

Fuori catalogo dal: 01/06/2009

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The raw, powerful, authentic delta blues emanating from Mississippis living legend R.L. Burnside on First Recordings will please blues purists and audiophiles alike. Recorded in 1968 by George Mitchell utilizing a portable $168 recorder, a shack and lots of cheap rum, Burnsides dynamic voice, footstomp and acoustic guitar encapsulate the emerging mastery of a voice unmarked by 35 years of Northern Mississippi hard living. Opening track, "Just Like a Bird without a Feather" is a slow, haunting tune that starts out with R.L. singing to his lover whom he misses because he has murdered her for "cheatin'", and now after sentencing, "home ain't where it used to be". From jail, we hop on a train "Goin' Down South" for a tune about getting the hell out of the North and going back home (most likely inspired by Burnside's stint in Chicago during the 50s when his father, brother, and uncle were all murdered within a month's time.) The track rumbles like a locomotive and features Burnsides fierce, chugging guitar work. Other tracks like Walkin Blues also showcase Burnsides monster slide chops.

1. Just Like a Bird Without a Feather - 3:09
2. Goin' Down South - 2:34
3. Come on In - 1:49
4. Little Babe - 2:23
5. Rollin' and Tumblin' - 3:19
6. Jumper on the Line - 2:34
7. Skinny Woman - 2:09
8. Poor Black Mattie - 2:06
9. Long Haired Doney - 2:47
10. Peaches - 2:52
11. Walkin' Blues - 3:25
12. Hobo Blues - 2:27
13. My Time Ain't Long - 2:20
14. Sat Down on My Bed and Cried - 3:15

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